Car Buying Guide Don't buy a lemon!

Avoid scams and hidden trouble in used cars you wanna buy. This app is for non-specialists who want to check a used car.

If you are not good at cars and still wanna buy a used one, then this app is for you!
This app walks you step by step on how to research a car you want to buy, from price check, to car model evaluation, to car history as well as how to make simple checks that don't need fancy tools to make sure the car doesn't have any hidden problems. Even if you have never fixed a car before those tests are easy to do and anyone who can drive a car can do them.

• Car evolution: help you see common problem and price estimate
• Inspection check list: list of inspection that cover many parts of the car (Engine ,Safety ,Body, ...)
• Save reports: checking multiple cars , no problem!, you can save inspection results for different cars and attach each report to a certain car
• maintenance and tips videos