• UniPass will generate complex passwords based on your inputs

    all you need to remember is your uni-password ,no need to save passwords or remember them

    TelePass uses ZXing library

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    Q- Is UniPass is a password manager?
    A- No

    Q- What UniPass really does?
    A- UniPass gives you a new way to secure your passwords by generating complex passwords based on your simple inputs for every site.

    Q- Will UniPass generates random passwords for me to use?
    A- No it will generate complex passwords (using random algorithms), but based on your inputs, so when you enter site and user name you use to login on this site UniPass will generate a complex password for this site and every time you enter same inputs you will get the same complex password so there is no need to save or keep it which improve your passwords security

    Q- What I if want to change the passwords I use?
    A- UniPass combine your inputs (site and user name) with your uni-password, so whenever you change the uni-password you will get different passwords

    Q- What type of passwords UniPass can generate?
    A- UniPass have various types, 8 or 16 characters form A to Z and numbers and special characters collections

    Q- All I need to remember is the uni-password?
    A- That is correct all you need to remember is your uni-password, even a simple password will result complex passwords for each site.

    Q- What is TelePass?
    A- for more information go to TelePass app page.